Welcome to a world where adventure meets elegance, where snow-capped peaks meet the most exquisite gastronomic delights.
Heli-skiing in Swedish Lapland is a dream for any nature lover. In the far north-west of the country, close to Finland and Norway, lies this unrivaled territory. With over a million hectares and a lot of skiable peaks, there’s no shortage of possibilities. In this magical setting, the land of the northern lights, the powder is waiting just for you, and the terrain offers a variety of contours and vertical drops. The world-renowned Niehku Mountain Lodge is undoubtedly a heli-skiing base to discover.

Niehku Mountain Lodge: an exceptional retreat

Located on the farthest reaches of Swedish Lapland, Niehku Mountain Lodge is much more than just a place to stay. It’s a true haven of peace, where luxury and comfort come together in harmony. This establishment, brainchild of a visionary mountain guide and a sommelier, owes its originality from its singular history. Housed in a former railway maintenance workshop, it has been completely renovated to offer a unique experience.

Comfort and elegance

With 14 warm, comfortable rooms, Niehku Mountain Lodge welcomes you to an intimate setting. Wood-panelled walls and thick carpets give each room a cosy, authentic feel. High-quality bedding ensures a restful night’s sleep after a day of adventure.


Gastronomy is a center stage at Niehku Mountain Lodge. Under an impressive wood and stone frame, the dining room invites you on an unforgettable culinary journey. Chef Ragnar Martinsson, a master of Nordic flavors, sublimates local produce to offer you an unequaled taste experience. From famous Swedish caviar to reindeer and arctic char, each dish is an invitation to discovery and wonder.


As an establishment co-founded by a passionate sommelier, Niehku Mountain Lodge offers a selection of exceptional wines. The cellar, located beneath the restaurant and visible through a glass floor, contains carefully selected oenological treasures to enhance every meal. Let yourself be guided by the sommelier’s expert advice and discover rare and prestigious wines that will enchant your taste buds.

Experience adventure in style

Choosing a stay at Niehku Mountain Lodge is choosing an extraordinary experience where adventure meets elegance. Whether you’re a heliskiing enthusiast or a lover of good food, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in this unspoilt corner of Swedish Lapland. A Nordic paradise where luxury and epicureanism meet for your greatest pleasure.