Our story

From Heliski Russia to Elysium Escape: sharing our passion

For almost twenty years, we had the good fortune to help you discover the majestic slopes of Kamchatka, as well as those of Lake Baikal and the Caucasus. These destinations have now been put on hold and we need to change direction.

That is why we have created Elysium Escape after several months of questioning, reflection and research.

Anyone who knows us will know that we are driven by a spirit of exploration and discovery. But even more than that, our aim is to share with you the unique sensations that you experience on arriving on a snow-covered summit, making the first tracks on an untouched slope, spotting a wild animal at a bend in the path, rounding Cape Horn…

The list of adventures we have shared with you is long, but the list of adventures to come is still full of surprises.

Our commitment to giving you the best

Sharing and adventure are our guiding principles, but there is another important pillar underpinning our edifice: our commitment to guaranteeing you the best possible level of service.

We are always ready to shake up our status quo in order to find the most beautiful places, the most exclusive accommodation and the guides who know how to offer you enjoyment and safety.

Over the years, we have learned how to accompany you every step of the way, from your initial contact with us to the flight home once your adventure is over.

The constant attention we pay to the quality of our trips is certainly what makes them exceptional.

Exclusive and unforgettable holidays

The holidays we offer you with Elysium Escape have been selected according to quite simple specifications:

the best spots on the planet for skiing, kitesurfing, riding or other activities, breathtaking scenery, comfortable accommodation and reliable service providers.

It is this cocktail of meticulously chosen ingredients that we put together ourselves that makes our holidays so unique.

Nothing is left to chance (except for the weather…) in order to achieve our goal: to provide you with an unforgettable holiday!


A high mountain guide since 1996 years and a heliskiing specialist since 2004 years, Marco scours the globe in search of the most beautiful slopes and breathtaking scenery.

A pioneer of heliskiing in Russia, hundreds of customers from all over the world have put their trust in him and appreciate his professionalism as much as his love of sharing.

Over the last ten years or so, Marco has also been developing his experience of holidays combining skiing and sailing.

After spending many months on board different ships, he is now accustomed to expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctica,

A new adventure that he will be thrilled to share with you.


After years of organizing long-distance ski races for the Chamonix mountain guides, then a spell working in press relations and teaching French in Havana, Sophie joined Marco as co-pilot. Nicknamed “Swiss Army knife”, it is curiosity that drives her and the diversity of her missions is a driving force.

Elysium Escape is the start of a new and exciting challenge: looking at new destinations, setting up partnerships with different operators, finding flight plans, administrative formalities, etc.

She will assist you throughout the organization of your holiday and will answer all your questions in order to facilitate your journey right from the start of the adventure.