Your expedition cruise ship the Nansen Explorer

Expedition cruises in the polar regions require very specific navigation and are governed by IAATO regulations (the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators). These regulations prohibit passengers on boats carrying more than 500 people from disembarking and also limit the number of people on land at any one time to 100 maximum.
Opting to travel on a small boat is therefore extremely wise!
The Nansen Explorer is an expedition yacht that offers the perfect compromise between technical performance and luxury services.
It Is a fantastic base camp that will host you for the duration of your adventure to the immaculate white lands of the Far North and Antarctica.


  • 1983: the year the Nansen Explorer was built
  • 2021: the ship was given an almost complete refit
  • 71.6 meters: the total length of this incredible floating base camp
  • 11 knots: the yacht’s maximum speed
  • 18: the number of crew members who will look after you (not counting guides)
  • 12: no more than 12 privileged guests on board
  • 7: intimate staterooms
  • 1001: incredible memories and much more!


There are very few expedition yachts that allow you to sail into the heart of the polar regions while enjoying five-star services.
The Nansen was refitted in 2021 and was designed as a real floating showcase.
She now accommodates a maximum of just 12 guests, despite a total capacity of 60 when she was originally built. The staterooms are spacious and modern, with comfortable bedding. They are decorated in a Scandinavian style that is warm, soothing and uncluttered. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows offer a constant view of the majestic outdoors.
The spa-like bathrooms will ensure your relaxation and well-being.
Elegant and welcoming, the yacht’s main saloon is the perfect place to gather and share stories with your guides and fellow adventurers.
You can also make the most of the large gym below decks or one of the open decks to indulge in some whale watching.
Your taste buds are not forgotten, with two chefs who will surprise and delight you with gourmet dishes worthy of the finest restaurants.


In addition to her ability to go where other yachts cannot and her exceptional level of comfort, the Nansen Explorer also stands out for the facilities she offers.

Classic yacht equipment: Zodiacs. The Nansen Explorer has two, so you can dock easily and set off to explore the vast expanses of white that surround you.
Sea kayaks and stand-up paddleboards are available for adventurers looking for a more contemplative and intimate experience in the heart of the elements.

There are also scuba diving cylinders and weights for deep-sea explorers.
Lastly, you cannot miss the huge helipad from which you can take off to venture deep into the interior or enjoy the beautiful slopes on skis.


Having the privilege of exploring almost inaccessible regions of the globe is certainly the height of exclusivity.
The most classic way to enjoy this unique experience is to privatize your yacht. For the duration of your stay, this incredible vessel and its crew are there just for you.
The captain, the officers, the hostesses, the chefs and, of course, your guides all have a common goal: to ensure your satisfaction and an adventure beyond your dreams.
There is no pre-established program; everything will be put together ahead of your stay in accordance with your wishes.
If you do not have a large enough group to privatize the yacht, some trips are now available for solo travelers or small groups.
So you might want to consider booking one of the seven staterooms on the Nansen Explorer.
The conditions remain the same: 12 people maximum to ensure optimum comfort and a small group atmosphere, ideal for meeting other adventurers!