Your polar expedition yacht, the Hanse Explorer

Operations in the Antarctic are now subject to strict regulations, with the aim of protecting the fragile ecosystem of this polar region. Since 1991, IAATO (the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) has been working to ensure that travel practices are respectful and sustainable. It imposes a disembarkation ban on boats carrying more than 500 passengers and limits the number of people on land at any one time to 100. With this in mind, the Hanse Explorer is the perfect expedition yacht for adventure travel. She is small in capacity, designed specifically for expedition cruises and equipped with an engine powerful enough to tackle and break through the thickest ice, making her an ideal base camp. The Arctic Circle’s 82nd parallel north holds no secrets for this vessel and its crew.


  • 2006: the year the Hanse Explorer was built
  • 2020: the ship was given an almost complete refit
  • 47.76 meters: the total length of this incredible floating base camp
  • 10 knots: the yacht’s maximum speed
  • 14: the number of crew members who will look after you (not counting guides)
  • 12: no more than 12 privileged guests on board
  • 7: intimate staterooms
  • 1001: incredible memories and much more!


The magnificent Hanse Explorer is a surprising expedition yacht that represents an excellent choice for a luxurious, tailor-made adventure.
Designed in 2006 in Germany and then renovated in 2021 to adopt more contemporary codes, this yacht will be your ally for your most exceptional cruises.
The faultlessly reliable vessel combines strength and agility, making her equally at home in the icy waters of the polar regions or the crystal-clear waters of tropical seas.
The yacht has 7 staterooms, with double and twin staterooms so she can sleep up to 12 people.
The staterooms are sober and elegant, decorated in soothing tones of blue and white that suggest the nautical world. They are harmoniously combined with wood to create a cozy atmosphere.
Each stateroom has its own bathroom, with either a shower or bath.
You will enjoy the comfort of the large saloon for a chat, an aperitif or any other social occasion.
You can eat together in the beautiful adjoining dining room that is bathed in light coming through the huge windows, or even choose to dine al fresco on the vast aft deck when conditions allow.


In order to offer a unique and unforgettable experience, the boat has a wide range of facilities that allow everyone to enjoy sports and discovery activities.
First, there are two Mark-IV Zodiacs, that can slalom through the maze of Antarctic ice to take you to the pack ice, but which will also give you access to the most unspoiled, idyllic beaches in the Pacific.
There are also 3 two-seat inflatable sea kayaks and two stand-up paddleboards that you can use to discover this wild and fascinating environment up close.
There should be no limits to discovery and, thanks to the Hanse Explorer’s state-of-the-art dive center, you will be able to discover the fascinating world beneath the ocean’s surface.
Nothing has been forgotten: a compressor and full scuba diving equipment for 12 guests and 2 instructors is available.


Having the privilege of exploring almost inaccessible regions of the globe is certainly the height of exclusivity.
The most classic way to enjoy this unique experience is to privatize your yacht. For the duration of your stay, this incredible vessel and its crew are there just for you.
The captain, the officers, the hostesses, the chefs and, of course, your guides all have a common goal: to ensure your satisfaction and an adventure beyond your dreams.
There is no pre-established program; everything will be put together ahead of your stay in accordance with your wishes.
If you do not have a large enough group to privatize the yacht, some trips are now available for solo travelers or small groups.
You can therefore look at booking one of the seven staterooms on the Hanse Explorer.
The conditions remain the same: 12 people maximum to ensure optimum comfort and a small group atmosphere, ideal for meeting other adventurers!