Make a fresh start with Elysium Escape, your high-end travel agency

Elysium Escape offers holidays where you can enjoy heliskiing, expedition cruises, kitesurfing and e-biking in extraordinary destinations.
Here, we present the vision and services of our new agency.

We had to take a new direction but the spirit of Heliski Russia is alive and well in the creation of Elysium Escape.
We have kept the same foundations and values: strong links with our customers, expertise in our field and excellent travel organization.
Over the past months, we have selected destinations and service providers and looked at many possibilities… to ensure that we keep only the best and propose a range of offers that will satisfy all your desires.

One-off destinations as well as new versions of more traditional locations

Travel is all about adventure, getting away from it all, meeting new people and discovery. It inspires emotions, provides extraordinary experiences and forges unforgettable memories. We have so much to say on the subject…
It was our desire to share this vision and our enthusiasm that led us to create the Elysium Escape travel collection.
We know that many of you are seasoned travelers who have already visited many countries. Our challenge is therefore to inspire you with new desires and make new suggestions.
Our site therefore lists some familiar destinations (Iceland, Sweden, Chile, France) but we will help you to discover them from a different angle by proposing unusual accommodation, unexpected visits, original activities and encounters with the local culture.
Other unexpected and still largely unknown destinations have caught our attention… and will certainly catch yours. We will just give you a few hints about them while we wait to present them in more detail: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Patagonia and Peru.
Our collection is varied and our promise is simple: to ensure that you enjoy a unique trip that really reflects who you are!

A choice of your favourite sports

If you are on this blog, it is because you are one of those people who like to combine discovery and action.
Heliskiing, ski touring, expedition cruising, kitesurfing or e-biking… all our trips have the distinctive feature of combining an exceptional destination with an original and thrilling activity.
Depending on what you are looking for and your level of skill in each activity, whether you are going with friends or planning a family holiday, we will be able to point you towards the holiday that is perfect for you.
All our heliskiing destinations will delight those who love amazing descents, powder snow and unspoiled routes. Some are best suited to more experienced skiers, but others are great for those enjoying heliskiing for the first-time.
Expedition cruises are undoubtedly our particular favorite for families. Setting sail in a luxury yacht in the footsteps of the great explorers is obviously an exceptional adventure that is synonymous with sharing, emotions and unique memories.
For those who also love time on the beach, our main new feature is kitesurfing! This is a fun, fast-growing activity where you take on the elements in idyllic locations.

Our vision of high-end travel

It is difficult to define exactly what high-end or luxury travel is, as nearly everyone has their own idea.
In the collective imagination, it rhymes with first-class travel, accommodation in a grand hotel or private lodge, gourmet meals and a rich and varied range of services…
All these elements are of course to be found in the holidays we offer, but we add other variables to them: unique, almost exclusive locations and the privilege of unlimited discovery and escapism.
For Elysium Escape, luxury is first and foremost your luxury!
You can explore the holidays we have selected, which are sure to inspire you, but we are always ready to listen to you to go even further and personalize our offers as much as possible.
We will be at your side to guide you right from the start, to manage the planning stage by stage and guarantee you unique and authentic experiences.
Our challenge is to offer you a holiday that reflects who you are, exceeds your expectations and leaves you with unforgettable memories.

So, it is a new adventure that we are starting with Elysium Escape and we cannot wait to share it with you.
We are putting you at the heart of this new project and we are looking forward to speaking to you: let us know your wishes and suggestions… and any words of encouragement are also welcome!

Join us in the Elysium community and let us take you to unexpected, spectacular and ever more captivating horizons.